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Monday, August 21, 2006

Everyone a Mentor

I learn from everyone that I meet. In this way, mentors surround me.

National storyteller/coach Doug Lipman is always sharing the message of finding mentors. These mentors can serve in several areas. For example, a storyteller could use a mentor for coaching. Another mentor could aide in marketing. Still another mentor can be a pure listener. Anything you would like to study in depth--whether strength or weakness you possess--can be a reason for a mentor.

I believe the more people involved in my life, then the richer are the lessons I learn.

As of now, I consider the monthly gatherings of the Utah Storytelling Guild as a large group of mentors. I tend to focus on their skills for artistic development. I also meet monthly with a small group of four tellers at a library that may be artistic development mixed with marketing. Finally, there is an individual who always challenges me to the next step in my storytelling career.

Still, I search for more mentors. I appreciate those who currently guide or motivate me. Yet, there is an endless list of skills to hone. Being an intense listener is one of these oft forgotten skills.

Thankfully, mentoring can be done in-person, by telephone, or by email. A mentor could live on the other side of the world and technology would make it possible to still communicate.

I prefer to meet with some type of individual or group at least once a week in regards to storytelling skills. Being a storyteller can be lonely despite performances among vast audiences.

If you would like to be a mentor and/or a mentoree, then you can go to http://www.story-lovers.com/mentors199.html.

You will be asked to email the following information:

Location by region:


Email address:


Objective: Being a mentor or a mentee or both

Years of experience as a storyteller:

Special interests in storytelling:

Special experience in storytelling:

Brief bio:

What you can offer:

What you are looking for:

Who knows? Perhaps we will be mentors for each other!

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
Professional Storyteller
Co-Chair of Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance
(801) 870-5799


Tim said...

Jackie has taken down the web page with the mentor/mentoree information, due to privacy concerns.

Professional Storyteller Rachel Hedman said...

Though the list may be down, at least it opens the idea of mentorship.

I recommend contacting art councils to announce that you want to be a mentor/mentoree.