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Friday, October 01, 2010

Story in its Simplicity

Beauty surrounds simplicity. Story can and often does encompass such beauty.

Storytelling could be reflected in the following words:

  1. Listening
  2. Sharing
  3. Thinking


Before the performance, there could be the sound of energized buzzing. People enjoy the company of others while anticipating the stories to be told. When the emcee greets everyone, there might be a moment of silence—the waiting for the storyteller to get on stage.

In this short moment, imaginations warm up.

For those hearing stories at a family gathering, there may not be microphones to adjust. Instead a grandpa, aunt, or other relative may be sitting on the coach and shifts in the seat before sharing an experience.

Silence, once again, heightens the instance.

Applause welcomes the storyteller on stage. The story begins.


The space shared with the storyteller and the audience allows more room for each story to spout forth.

A smile, a frown, or an excited look cues the storyteller on the reception of the story.

Characters are introduced. Settings are painted. Storyteller and audience alike feel like they know everyone involved . . . even if it is the first time hearing the story.


When the story has impact, then the level of thought intensifies.

The reactions may vary from “Huh! Well, what do you know?” to “Now who did that remind me of?” to “What do I do now, after hearing that?”

At times, there could be the thought “When will this story be over with?”

Or the story is not thought of at all. Other things press into the mind like: what needs to be added to the grocery list, cleaned in the house, or completed by the ever-looming deadline?

Though most likely, your experience was one to think about again and again and again.

You find it looming in your mind until a story must be told and continue the cycle: listening, sharing, and thinking.

So go ahead.

Enjoy the simplicity of story.

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